New Construction

From Concept to Completion we will work with you to plan and execute the project that best suits your needs. Using the best marine grade materials and exceptional workmanship we will deliver your project, just the way you wanted it.

Rebuilds or Rejuvenation

If your dock, seawall or bulkhead has been damaged or needs maintenance, we are here to help. We can remove the existing damage and replace it entirely or partially based on your needs.

Inland Projects

We arent just salt water guys. We can provide inland services just as well. Dune walk-overs, freshwater docks, bulkheads are just a few of the many services we provide. If you have project in mind, give us a shot to earn your business.


Our Environment

Even when a specific project might require heavy equipment we never forget our environmental responsibilities. We use every means possible to take care of the animals and plant life that we are blessed to work around. We take good care of our environment and always try to leave the site in a better ecological condition when we arrived.


We use a wide range of building materials based on the needs of our clients. When available, we use localĀ  and renewable resources to complete those projects. We believe in keeping our business as close to home as we can and in doing so, we support other local businesses and our community.


Next Steps...

Give us a call or write us an email. We look forward to speaking with you.